Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Whale's Smile

Last week, while at work whale watching with Colin, a client came up to me and asked if I was seriously going to photograph whales with my 17-35mm lens. I was in the process of telling him that I have always wanted to get a wide angle, close-up photograph, but have always missed my chance because I always had my telephoto lens on. Not to mention it rarely ever happens. Half way through my explanation a humpback calf surfaced within arms reach of the boat and I finally got my chance!

While whales have only gotten this close to the boat a few times, I've never been able to get a photograph of it until now. It is always amazing seeing whales, but to see them this close is out of this world. These first couple photographs are of the whale swimming around the boat and diving underneath us. This last photograph is one of the last dives that the whale did before allowing us to leave. Once a whale gets to close to the boat there is nothing to do but wait for them to leave. In this last photograph you can see Captain Colin trying to snap a photo with his iPhone.

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