Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer's Here!

Well with the thawing of snow, and the increasing daylight everything has gotten better. My knee is finally healed enough to hike and bike and the photographing has increased due to the new mobility. Last month I joined S.A.G.A. guides on their training trip to Chicagof Island for a 10 day kayak trip. The trip was amazing and a full trip description will be coming soon as I get around to editing photos.

The tourism has started up once again and I have been working long hard hours taking people whale watching and teaching photography. Last week it was really sunny and got these photographs on the Trail of Time.

The first one is of a backlit. Cow Parsnip plant in front of a dark wooden wall. Whenever you approach this plant be careful! There is an oil on the plant that is similar to poison ivy or poison oak, but this oil is photosensitive and can create burns on your skin as well as spread over the body. Not everyone is allergic to this plant, but you don't really want to find out.

This photograph was taken right after the Cow Parsnip shot on the Trail of Time. Whenever the sun comes out, the forest changes completely and dapple lighting is everywhere. I've found that it can be difficult to photograph inside a forest with direct sunlight coming in, just because the shadows are so dark and the highlights are too bright. You can always try some HDR or bring some lights, but I've always liked exposing for the highlights, using some of that sunshine we never see, and letting the light isolate my subject from the dark backgrounds.

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