Monday, August 2, 2010

Dalls Porpoise!

I've been getting extremly lucky while using my Tamron 17-35mm f2.8 lens on the water this month and extremely lucky just seeing things. Just last Thursday I ran into some amazing Dall's Porpoise with Capt. Bryan while giving a photo safari tour.

We were on our way back in and planning to make a few stops along the way when Capt. Bryan saw the animals splashing in the water. He started to turn the boat in circles so that the dalls porpoise could ride the boat wake and we lucked out. They not only rode the wake, but also the bow getting so close we got splashed!

While on the bow, the dalls porpoise came up so quick that everyone who had their mouths open got a little bit of porpoise snot and salt water. I didn't really mind because it is such a unique experience to see whales, let alone dall's porpoise, or even better, dall's porpoise playing with you.

These porpoise are extremely fast and skiddish and they stuck around for what felt like 10 minutes. They were so fast that could stare into the water and see a quick glimpse of the porpoise before it came to the surface only to disappear again.

The scene could not have gotten any better. In the background Eagle and Herbert Glacier majestically sit there beneath the infinite clouds. The two glaciers come out of the Juneau Icefield which separates Juneau from British Columbia. The one of the right is Herbert and the one on the left is Eagle.

While photographing extremely fast moving subjects, it is easy to get lost in the frame unless you keep both your eyes open. Keeping both eyes open allows you to see whats in your camera as well as what is around you and about to happen. By doing this I got some really good photographs of the Dall's Porpoise. Besides getting these awsome shots I also got a great experience because I got to see all the action when the shutter curtain went down.

After three years of whale watching, I've only had the pleasure to see Dall's Porpoise this close one other time and I hope there will be more encounters down the line. Here are some photographs of that day.