Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Foggy Night with Stars Above

The night has always been one of my favorite times of the day. I can be tired all day long and then as soon as the sun sets, the night brings me energy and with that new energy I start to imagine what I can create in the dark natural studio of black sky.

I've been planning a photograph around this building for a while, but the shot I've been planning involves a model clam digging. Unfortunately, you cannot dig clams in this area because of the high levels of mercury content left over form the Treadwell Mine. This building is the old water pump house resting on the old mine tailings. The pump house never worked properly and the mine as well as the town of Treadwell burned to the ground and this is one of the few reminders that there was ever a town.

This photograph was taken with a half moon rising camera left pretty far behind me. The mountains in the background are covered by a lowering fog that almost compromised the photograph and almost socked in the sky. The purplish light coming form the left side of the image is light pollution from Douglas and Juneau.

As always, more images are available on my website

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In the Belly of a Glacier

Today Libby and I went on a hike on the East Glacier Trail and went searching for some old mine ruins. I showed her a tunnel that had been dug through the side of a mountain. We followed the tunnel until it stopped and then took some photographs and in the process she tried to light my leg on fire.

Here is a photo from today.

Last Wednesday, Libby and I went to the Mendenhall Glacier Ice caves. As with most of our adventures we had cameras in hand trying to capture the moment and I realized that it was near impossible to capture the majestic beauty that surrounded us as we stood underneath the belly of the mighty Mendenhall Glacier, but why not?

Here are some photos from last week.