Sunday, March 7, 2010

Injured Knees and Night Photography

Last Thursday was an awesome day to ski. No one on the mountain, good fresh snow, and I made friends with a guy named Arden who showed me a lot of secret untouched spots.

Everything was going awesome until the run before lunch. I was cruising down steeps and trees and having a blast connecting all the tight turns with steep drops. I got the the bottom of the run and stopped so that the other guys could catch up and take a breath. Arden took the lead again and we came out of the trees. I took off in pursuit, hit a jump stomped it, and then started cruising fast again when my bindings popped and I ate it hard.

I always know something is going to hurt when my perception of time starts to move as slow as molasses. When that sarts to happen my mind goes into survival mode so that I can minimize damage. For this particular incident, my right leg started moving out to the right. I tried to turn around backwards so that I wouldn't catch an edge, but the ski popped while almost in 180 and then caught an inside edge tweaking the hell out of my knee and sending me to the ground. I think skiing season is officially over for me, but I can still hop around and photograph.

Since then, I've been cooped up inside. My room mate Nate was nice enough to take me on a mini road trip around Juneau to photograph some stuff and change the scenery. This shot below is lit by the headlights of the truck and the camera was resting on a guardrail post. The red flare looking stuff on the left is actually my hands and fingertips moving in the light. I noticed this on a shot and tried to imitate flames.

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